Thanks so much for taking the time to visit our website!  You’ll find a vast cross section of projects with all kinds of design styles and complexities represented. Don’t be overwhelmed by the numerous high end projects we’ve posted.  Yes some of them are very expensive, but we do all types of projects from Luxury over the top stuff to Co-Op Public Housing that is very basic and entry level priced.  We only have so much we can post and wish to inspire you with projects beyond what anyone else can do!  There’s enough every day boring stuff on the web already, isn’t it time for a change?

Our viewpoint is explained with a simple analogy: If you go to an excellent high end restaurant, you can still order a burger and have confidence it will be a great burger and dinner out will be an enjoyable experience.  That’s the opposite of going to a family restaurant and asking them to cook you a steak, hoping the short order cook knows what he’s doing, they actually have good quality ingredients and crossing your fingers!

We hope it’s an inspiration for you to see that we can do anything and whether your project is simple or complex, our team of master craftsman can do it all at a fair and competitive price.  Whether doing a residential or commercial renovation, constructing a high rise, building an in-fill duplex, building a bespoke mansion, developing a large parcel or providing an award winning practical design, we’re only as expensive as your taste!

G. E. Miller Builder & Contractor is as a premier builder and contractor serving throughout BC and Alberta.   We are a trusted family business that has been turning dreams into reality for our clients since 1928. Our approach is simple:  to create wonderful environments and build a legacy of excellence. With over one hundred awards reflecting our quality and dedication towards our industry and our customers, you can be assured we are committed to your today and future projects.

Our site is very large and comprehensive.  You’ll find project tabs with categories such as new construction or large renovations.  We’ve spent a great deal of time providing detailed descriptions for the various pictures, to help make it more clear some of the things that were done.  We’ve tried where possible to have the exact same before and after picture perspectives for renovations as the changes are often so dramatic, you’d never imagine it’s the same place. After reviewing some of our projects, check out our “Articles” tab.  You’ll be able to access resource information covering a variety of construction and industry topics we’ve written for your benefit.Our team members are highly skilled and well experienced in all types of construction and design.  Whether it is small or grand-scaled, residential or commercial, renovations or new build;each project is completed with conscientious integrity and quality.

G. E. Miller Builder & Contractor has always differentiated itself from competitors through our creativity, attention to detail and dedication to our craft, and will continue to do so.  There is always transparency in our pricing and you will find precise execution in every project.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • We believe that mutual avenues of communication with all our clientsis paramount.  G.E. Miller Builder & Contractor will always foster, encourage, and maintain open communication with allclients and project partners.

  • We are committed to keeping you informed of your project’s progress in a timely manner.  

  • We pledge to maintain integrity and transparency in all our projects and in finding the best possible solutionsto suit your needs.

  • We will support you in your project.  We will partner with you to ensure the best solutions and options are available and will do our very best to ensure you project is something both you and we can be proud of for years to come.

  • We are committed to creating a balanced work environment for our staff, so that we can attract and retain responsible and capable team members for the long term, and benefit of all concerned.

  • We believe that creativity is the key between a simple build or renovation and a powerful transformation.  Our sister company Design House Voxov brings unique perspective and unique insight to not only design possibilities, but the implementation of them as well. 

  • We wish to develop and maintain a long term relationship with you, and you with us for mutual benefit.

Thank you for your interest in G.E. Miller Builder & Contractor.  We pride ourselves on providing the best quality design and construction available in the industryand look forward to working and partnering with you.  Whether project managing a large development, providing design/build of a custom commercial or residential project or doing a renovation, G.E. Miller Builder and Contractor will ensure your project is done right and take away the stress of dealing with numerous trades or suppliers with unknown outcomes and or results.While you review our amazing projects, just remember we can make you a great steak or a great hamburger; whatever your heart desires, whatever your budget. We’re only as expensive as your taste!

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